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Introduction to Dog Health

<--Canine Body Language and Vocalization Introduction to Behavioral Problems--> Health is the next step in our foundation because it must...
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Canine Body Language and Vocalization

<--Breed-Specific Behavior Introduction to Dog Health--> Here, we will introduce some references on canine communication, for you to start with....
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Dental Health

By Dr. Karen Becker 2016 from Mercola Healthy Pets Story at-a-glance In addition to a species-appropriate diet and plaque-removing bones,...
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Communication in Dogs – A Review

Marcello Siniscalchi, Serenella d’Ingeo, Michele Minunno and Angelo Quaranta, 2018 Simple Summary: Communication takes place between members of the same...
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Introduction to Anxiety

<--Habitation Introduction to Obedience Training--> Fear, is a very rudimentary emotion, necessary for survival. However, prolonged fearful states can have...
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Introduction to Management

<--Introduction to Attitude Introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis--> A good Management plan is a must early in a training program...
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