About K9-1

K9-1 Specialized Dog Training LLC was established in 1998. The mission of the company is to create modern dog training systems to improve upon incomplete or non-existent models. This has been accomplished by mapping out the path to all aspects of dog training from the scientific, mechanical, and practical points of view. Done in this fashion, common problems in the field can be pinpointed, much like a software error code, allowing trainers to address the underlying issues.  K9-1 advises professional dog training organizations, government agencies, rescue organizations, service dog providers, and pet owners in mass with these systems.

The Whole Plan

Full training blueprints are streamlined by prioritizing common denominators that will lay a foundation for the success of many different behavior modification and training plans.  These blueprints are used by professional trainers and organizations internationally, and the feedback by the Foundation Style Dog Training Community is used to update the system.  The systems can only live by the trials and success of many that help create the most current version.

triangle 3.0

Built for Reliability

Liability is always an important concern when it comes to the performance of a working dog, and reliability often means the difference between life and death for a dog.  When dealing with aggressive dogs, the prevention of injury to both people and other animals is a serious matter.  Therefore, K9-1 utilizes the best combination of scientifically proven reinforcement schedules and principles for both encouraging and discouraging behaviors. Used in conjunction, this produces the most scientifically reliable training possible for an ever changing real world environment.

dog training trinity

Command Structure Optimization

Communication through a comprehensive, fair, and predictable command structure is essential to reap the full benefits of a proper handler/canine relationship. Missing pieces or sloppy command structures cause countless side-effects that may not be obvious in a controlled training environment, but will show its face during live deployments when the communication is needed most. Not only should command structures communicate attention, right, wrong, and clearly what is commanded, it should also incorporate scientific rules to obtain the highest possible reliability.

K9-1 command structure

It is in the Training

Not only must the dog present well as a trained dog, but the process in which it is trained MUST include proper scientific principles taught in the correct order. Done correctly a dog has a smooth training experience and is prepared to understand all the benefits of obeying a trained handler with more comprehensive command structures. Done in the wrong order, or without significant attention, a finished dog will show side effects. This will limit the depth of understanding the dog has about the training and will ultimately affect the handler’s performance with the dog.  Quality control helps with the process of pinpointing side effects from skipped or incomplete training steps.


Help for an Unregulated Profession

The results of these systems and those who use them has helped the company become recognized as an influential leader in the industry.  K9-1 currently has the most viewed youtube channel in the world dedicated to dog training and is partnered with the Paladin Center in Carmel, NY to offer one of the biggest dog training spaces in the world at 130,000 square feet training area, classrooms, and banquet halls for hosting seminars and other events.  Through these venues and this community website, the future goals of the company are to increase the professionalism in the industry by exchanging knowledge and working together with other professionals to create a more regulated field that will benefit professionals, pet owners, and most importantly our four-legged companions.

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