The World from a Dog’s Point of View: A Review and Synthesis of Dog Cognition Research

Miles K. Bensky, Samuel D. Gosling, David L. Sinn, 2013


Research on canine cognition is being done in a wide variety of scientific disciplines, including ethology, evolutionary anthropology, behavioral analytics, developmental psychology, and neuroscience. As a consequence, research efforts in different disciplines have often followed independent paths. Each of these discipline-bound studies is valuable, but each provides only a relatively narrow glimpse of the overall cognitive abilities of dogs. This fragmented approach also draws attention away from how different biological, ecological, and evolutionary aspects of cognition may interact with one another to aid the dog’s ability to make decisions and solve problems. To date, there has been little effort to review and summarize what these numerous studies have taught us about canine cognition as a whole...Thus, the goal of the present paper is to provide the most comprehensive review to date of previous research on dog cognition.

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  1. Great resource. There’s so much research going on out there. This looks like a great summary about the recent research. I just downloaded the pdf. Thx.

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