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Experimental Neurosis in the White Rat – Peterman

This thesis dives more into the neurosis explained by Ivan Pavlov during experiments with dogs.

Play Behavior in Wolves: Using the ‘50:50’ Rule to Test for Egalitarian Play Styles

Jennifer L. Essler1,2*, Simona Cafazzo1, Sarah Marshall-Pescini1,2, Zsófia Virányi1,2,Kurt Kotrschal1,3, Friederike Range1,21 Wolf Science Center, Ernstbrunn, Austria, 2 Comparative Cognition,...

Partner preferences and asymmetries in social play among domestic dog, Canis lupus familiaris, littermates

CAMILLE WARD, ERIKA B. BAUER† & BARBARA B. SMUTS*Department of Psychology, University of Michigan, Ann ArborDepartment of Animal Programs, Smithsonian...

Effectiveness of Canine Odor Detection Containment Aids in Resisting Contamination from a Storage Environment, Rhiannon LaFortune 2022

Abstract In the field of odor detection, many tools exist to store target materials and deliver scent, but with such...