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Experimental Neurosis in the White Rat – Peterman

This thesis dives more into the neurosis explained by Ivan Pavlov during experiments with dogs.

Play Behavior in Wolves: Using the ‘50:50’ Rule to Test for Egalitarian Play Styles

Jennifer L. Essler1,2*, Simona Cafazzo1, Sarah Marshall-Pescini1,2, Zsófia Virányi1,2,Kurt Kotrschal1,3, Friederike Range1,21 Wolf Science Center, Ernstbrunn, Austria, 2 Comparative Cognition,...

Partner preferences and asymmetries in social play among domestic dog, Canis lupus familiaris, littermates

CAMILLE WARD, ERIKA B. BAUER† & BARBARA B. SMUTS*Department of Psychology, University of Michigan, Ann ArborDepartment of Animal Programs, Smithsonian...

Effectiveness of Canine Odor Detection Containment Aids in Resisting Contamination from a Storage Environment, Rhiannon LaFortune 2022

Abstract In the field of odor detection, many tools exist to store target materials and deliver scent, but with such...

Lateralized behavior and cardiac activity of dogs in response to human emotional vocalizations

Over the recent years, the study of emotional functioning has become one of the central issues in dog cognition. Previous...