My Favorite Groomer

"My Favorite Groomer" is a popular dog grooming youtube channel that features high quality close up videos of various dogs being groomed with commentary.  The newest videos will automatically update and be featured first:

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  1. “My favorite groomer” is a popular YouTube channel for grooming dogs but she is not thinking about the Psychiatry of the dog while doing it. For example in the dog grooming I went to they do not promote her videos because she “man-handles” the dogs and she often makes them more uncomfortable and irritated than necessary. In the grooming school I went to they taught us how to calm the dog down and use as little force as possible.

    For example, when trimming the dog’s nails or grooming them we respect the dog’s space but also show leadership. When a dog is wiggling their legs we apply more pressure with our hands and bring the clipper closer to their legs. But when the dog stops wiggling we apply less pressure to them and we give them a tiny break of freedom. So we reward the dog with micro breaks for each time they stop wiggling. We help the dog feel comfortable by teaching them how to stay still and wiggle less. Before each haircut we would walk them on a choke chain to show leadership and teach the dog to follow us. “My favorite Groomer” does not understand these techniques for keeping a dog calm. This has been my experience at the school I went to.