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Dog Behavior Problem Chart

Chewing and destroying thingsChewing and destroying thingsChewing and destroying thingsChewing and destroying thingsfear biterfear biter
biting and mouthing handspeeing and pooping in housepeeing and pooping in housebiting and mouthing handsfear aggressionfear aggression
biting ankles and clothingsubmissive urinationsubmissive urinationbiting ankles and clothingsubmissive urinationdominance aggression
barking when left alonelifting leg or marking in the housedog not coming when calledshy or fearful of dogspredatory aggression
barrier frustrationpeeing or pooping on beds and furnituredog not obeying commandsshy or fearful of peoplepain elicited aggression
eating out of the garbagehumpingfear of loud noisesbarrier frustration
grabbing things off counterfearful of slippery floorsplay aggression
cant keep off furniture and bedsfearful of certain surfacesresource guarding
fearful of thunderstormsfood aggression
fearful of gunfireprotective aggression
skittishmisdirected aggression
territorial aggression
handler aggression
skipping steps in the aggression cycle
alert barking

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