Housebreaking Chart (Habitation Chart)

Use this chart to find trends in ANY unwanted behaviors and replace with wanted behaviors.

Record everything: feeding time, play time, pee/poop time, training time, sleeping time, chewing time, etc..

If the dog/puppy does an unwanted behavior: pee accidents, bossy behavior, chewing shoes, digging holes, etc...  RECORD these behaviors and replace with an appropriate behavior before you see the bad behavior on the following day.  You are looking for trends so you can find a plan to best micromanage the dog's day.  A dog that is provided for in a predictable way is a happy dog.

This is always the first step before using any punishment for unwanted behavior.  We always want to make sure we are first providing enough appropriate activities to satisfy the dog's natural drives and needs.  After, if punishment is needed to polish off any unwanted behavior it will be minimal, less stressful to the dog, and more effective since the dog will have other established habits to fulfill those needs.

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