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Introduction to Canine Behavior

<--Introduction to Foundation Style Dog Training Canine Culture-->  Ethology is the first step. It is the foundation, that all...
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Introduction to Canine Culture

<--Introduction to Canine Behavior Breed-Specific Behavior--> Here are some basics you need to know about dog culture: The most important concept...
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Breed-Specific Behavior

<--Canine Culture Canine Body Language and Vocalization--> As a dog owner, it is essential to understand your dog's breed-specific behavioral...
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Canine Body Language and Vocalization

<--Breed-Specific Behavior Introduction to Dog Health--> Here, we will introduce some references on canine communication, for you to start with....
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Introduction to Dog Health

<--Canine Body Language and Vocalization Introduction to Behavioral Problems--> Health is the next step in our foundation because it must...
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Introduction to Behavioral Problems

<--Introduction to Dog Health Introduction to Aggression--> If you have read through this introduction from the beginning and have done...
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Introduction to Aggression

<--Introduction to Behavioral Problems Introduction to Drive Balance--> Even if you are not experiencing a problem with your dog due...
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Introduction to Drive Balance

<--Introduction to Aggression Introduction to Attitude--> Drive balance is the 6th layer on our pyramid, because properly balancing the working...
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Introduction to Management

<--Introduction to Attitude Introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis--> A good Management plan is a must early in a training program...
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Introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis

<--Management Leadership--> Successful dog training plans should always follow the standards outlined in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).  Going forward you...
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Introduction to Leadership

<--Applied Behavior Analysis Habitation--> Leadership exercises are the most overlooked and important prerequisites to solving and preventing virtually every canine...
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Introduction to Housebreaking

<--Leadership Introduction to Anxiety--> Housebreaking is more than teaching a dog not to pee and poop in the home. Housebreaking...
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Corrections in Dog Training

Correction in a dog’s world – The correct time and place to correctly use corrections! Let me stress that correction...
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Introduction to Anxiety

<--Habitation Introduction to Obedience Training--> Fear, is a very rudimentary emotion, necessary for survival. However, prolonged fearful states can have...
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Introduction to Obedience Training

<--Introduction to Anxiety This is the Foundation Style Dog Training obedience check-list.  It breaks down the steps, which will need...
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