In the Beginning

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  1. Hi All, I am adding some articles and a podcast to this unit. I haven’t reviewed all of the articles (in the process), however a dog client of mine (a geneticist herself) was kind enough to forward them to me. Let’s see if they are interesting/helpful!

    Here’s a podcast from Professor Greger Larson of the University of Oxford regarding current studies into the timeline of domestication of wolves/dogs. The study involves genome mapping and morphology, he has some hypothesis they are trying to prove, ie this is very current. I’m halfway through, there’s a nice summary of what everyone agrees on currently and what they are trying to prove. I’ll see about the rest.

    Here’s the link:

    Additional articles which may be interesting/informative:

    1. 2nd video is supposed to be “She Wolf from national geographic. It gets taken down by youtube for copyright often, but it usually floating on someone’s channel if you do a search. I just reposted it so it is up again for now…

  2. The broken telephone article is great! Here’s another article discussing the problem of doing science in a for-profit system. Scientists are incentivized to produce and publish as many new and important findings as possible. Importance/relevance of findings has to be hyped to get highly competitive grants. Big problem when someone who doesn’t know this culture tries to report findings from scientific papers for the lay audience.