1. Hi All, I am adding some articles and a podcast to this unit. I haven’t reviewed all of the articles (in the process), however a dog client of mine (a geneticist herself) was kind enough to forward them to me. Let’s see if they are interesting/helpful!

    Here’s a podcast from Professor Greger Larson of the University of Oxford regarding current studies into the timeline of domestication of wolves/dogs. The study involves genome mapping and morphology, he has some hypothesis they are trying to prove, ie this is very current. I’m halfway through, there’s a nice summary of what everyone agrees on currently and what they are trying to prove. I’ll see about the rest.

    Here’s the link:

    Additional articles which may be interesting/informative:


    1. 2nd video is supposed to be “She Wolf from national geographic. It gets taken down by youtube for copyright often, but it usually floating on someone’s channel if you do a search. I just reposted it so it is up again for now…

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