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Tell us about yourself: Hi everyone! Here is a little bit about me... I started off learning much more about dogs and animals in general, around 2003 when I started working at an animal hospital. My overlapping experience of working in the medical field with animals, as well as my education and work in the field of human medicine, has brought me to a great love of helping both animals and people together. I really started to learn about Foundation Style Training when I was in need of help with a newly acquired dog in 2007. Much impressed with the amount of knowledge, respect and results of the training, I of course immediately chose to train with my next dog from a pup and then on to my present dog Orfeo, in the very same method of training. I have completed the trainers course for Certification as a Foundation Style Dog Trainer and I currently help to teach group classes along side other great CFDT's as well as private lessons. Helping others as I once needed help all those years ago, is very rewarding to me. To see the bonds and the relationships created, the patience and respect gained (by us) is what has taught me that we are not our dogs greatest teachers but in fact they are ours. I am very pleased to be helping this community learn about Foundation Style Training.

I couldn't be prouder to be a part of such an great dog training community and to be amongst the best there is!
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