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Country Panama
Certifications Canine Training and Behaviour Specialist (Starmark Academy)
Business/Organization Information K9 Boquete - Boquete, Panama
DogTraining WorldWide (work in project just started setting things up in Nov 2019 - online coaching with two fellow dog trainers)
Tell us about yourself: My name is Alex Bornemann. I am currently living in Panama and have been looking for ways to widen my knowledge of dog training. Before relocating to Panama I started a program to become a certified dog trainer by the Animal Behavior College, which I could not complete because I had to relocate - I did all of the theory but it was quite basic.

I have been interested in dogs since a child. The dog I was born to a GSD by the name of Paulina, was shot by the head of security of the gated community we lived in. We soon after that got a stray puppy that a teacher found on the street and brought to school. We named him Yuki and I am to this day convinced that he was the greatest dog that ever walked the earth (sorry for that to my current and future dogs). This was in Mexico, where I was born. Once we moved to Germany, we did not have dogs anymore so I started volunteering at shelters to walk dogs and have some contact with them.
Finally came the point in my life that I knew I could structure it around a dog so I got my Malinois Mexi. Thanks to him I met this wonderful girl Lole and her pittbul-rottie mix Lola. 6 years later we have 6 dogs a baby and have made dogs our centre of life.

I graduated from Starmark Academy and did an intensive 12 week program there in November 2019.
Now I'm happy to be back with K9-1 and Mike. His methodology and way to portray information is really exquisite. I love it ... hit me up if you want to.
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