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Courtney Bray

Country United States of America (the)
Certifications BDW
Business/Organization Information Courtney Bray Dog Whisperer
Websites www.courtneybraydogwhisperer.com
Tell us about yourself: My background in working with people and dogs begins with surviving the opera industry, racing horses madly around as a kid, and prerequisite love of all things furry. The Foundation Method training and work with dogs began on Bainbridge Island, WA via a nutty Weimaraner and Mike's former apprentice of "Foundation 1.0" times, Steven Kessler, a ka the 'Brooklyn Dog Whisperer'.

I ran Steve's Brooklyn Dog Whisperer business after a brief apprenticeship as Steve branched out into the cannabis industry. Soon after, I ran business as Courtney Bray Dog Whisperer. I work with puppies to aggression cases, occasionally board and train when I'm not too tired, and work out of my home facility in the beautiful 28 acres of Burley Lagoon of WA and on a buddy's farm on Bainbridge Is., WA.

I am so blessed, bumping into the best trainer and educator in this business in Mike D'Abruzzo when I began in this work. Giving back and connecting clients with Foundation Style trainers is part of my long-term goals in this business. Hit me up if you'd like to connect, there's lots of work out here and I'm happy to refer out.
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