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Country United States of America (the)
Certifications Trish King Academy of Dog Behavior Level 1
Tyler Muto's General Dogmanship and Problem Solving seminar 2015
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Tell us about yourself: I am currently a professional dog walker doing off leash pack hikes.

Like everyone here, I have always been a dog lover and have worked at shelters and day care part time when I was in school. It wasn't until I got my first dog however that I was introduced into the world of dog training. I desperately needed help with training for my dog's behavior issues. Through our journey of rehabilitation and training I worked with multiple trainers and was exposed a bit to a variety of different methods and philosophy. Before I knew it, I became obsessed and have fallen in love with the art and science of dog training and dog behavior.

My area of interest is behavior modification and rehabilitation. I have also recently been fascinated in learning more about the training for working dogs, specifically protection dogs and gun dogs/retrievers. I am also very interested in all canine ethology.

My dream is to become a professional dog trainer and help those that need help with their dogs like I did in the past.
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