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Country United States of America (the)
Business/Organization Information I am in the automotive repair and fleet repair business. Manager in a nationwide company Successful, That part of my world is on linked-in and or Facebook or text. I don't hide very well you will find me straightforward and i really try to be helpful.
Tell us about yourself: I am here because of 1 particular dog, i have always had a dog and been able to connect with them. But I had to put him down and i will never look at dog training again or a dog again without thinking of him, It simply broke my heart..So you know ..i take this information to heart and i am very serious, probably too serious sometimes.
His name was Staaz, he had a working vocabulary of 48 words with 26 verbs. he was absolutely fearless, very physical , very cunning and naturally aggressive ,observant with nosework and hand signals. He was very much a dominant dog and volunteered many wonderful behaviors think of it as ( here dad, hold my beer and watch this!)
but was outside the breed standard in many areas, especially drives of any kind and even though i recognized this.i bought so many books, training systems, research etc, emptied the coffers or.. so i thought,
. it was a struggle to keep up with him , i worked with him approx 4 hours a day for 1 year 8 months, usually walked 2-4 miles daily, 1-2 times a week 5-6 miles, i lost 22 lbs the first year and gained back about 12-15 in muscle, wore out 8 pairs of shoes,
we had routines and patterns and a real good schedule... but foundational items kept coming back up, several times but we worked thru some of them and even knowing what i have learned in the past short amount of time on this site i could have corrected it, but i was not aware of it or rather not confident in knowing-- your gut tells you something is wrong..
, i spent hours looking for and researching. ultimately hierarchical aggression - which simply reverts down the pyramid. blew it apart,,
I work in a small community near mountains and alot of outdoor wildlife some of the wildlife is big game, some is dangerous. so the scenarios i run into and ask about, maybe--- very odd to you. With Staaz and with the next dog we have, our training area is the whole town, and 1 million acres of forest.
the small town has a nice downtown area and we spend hours walking the streets and interaction, that is our normal routine. right or wrong with him, i incorporated some action words that i will discuss when asked later , i simply do not want someone to take what i used and have a blow up so i won't mention them here. I had trainers look at him that have 12+ Euro working dogs in kennel go --wow--but he so much became a one handler dog, me,
my wife and i miss him terribly, that is why i am here.
My wife and i work, go to church, and training with a dog is a big feature for us. I am a dog person, she tries... but when we go help the 4h kids with the dogs--they will walk around her to get to me, its natural. i have many other dog stories and some accomplishments but i believe with this training i can help alot of working dogs and people ultimately with their dog problems.
Maybe one day i will get another dog with the same power as Staaz, maybe not, I regularly look at euro working dogs and on rare occasion... if your in the same room you will hear me shout--there--that is what i am talking about,,, what's the bloodline,blah blah blah,,
our next dog will be a sort of matriarch female that much later i can use as a backer for a power dog, but right now we are having some fun with the 4h kids and i am writing as much as possible down about my experiences, don't laugh... but i might write a book, like.. their needs to be another one at the bookstore!?
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Mack Cook