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Alert Barking

Not to be confused with territorial aggression, this is barking to alert others to the approach of a potential threat....
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Barrier Frustration

Aggression that manifests itself due to the frustration of not being able to engage with something when restrained by a...
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Dominance Aggression

In all animals, dominance is the first right to limited resources. There is no need to rewrite anything on this term...
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Handler Aggression

Handler aggression is a blanket term that is used to describe a dog that shows aggression toward its handler, usually,  during...
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Misdirected Aggression

True misdirected aggression is the result of the combination of barrier frustration paired with any other form of aggression that is causing...
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Play Aggression

Puppy and dog play, just like all social predatory animals consists of practice predatory behavior and practice fight behavior. More...
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Predatory Aggression

This is aggression that is triggered by the dog’s instinct to hunt and kill. It can sometimes be focused on...
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Resource Guarding

Resource guarding is defensive aggression that is limited to guarding food, water, toys, or other objects that are within the “ownership...
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Territorial Aggression

Territorial aggression will have a very similar presentation as protective aggression and can, in fact, be very intense. True territorial aggression...
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Introduction to Aggression

<–Introduction to Behavioral Problems Introduction to Drive Balance–> Even if you are not experiencing a problem with your dog due...
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