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Biting Ankles and Clothes

Training your puppy or dog to stop biting your ankles, feet and clothing is first accomplished by understanding why your...
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Dog Does Not Come When Called

Training a dog to come when called begins with understanding why a dog doesn’t come when called in the first...
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Dog Will Not Obey Commands

So your dog doesn’t listen or obey commands? This is very common. To get your dog to obey you must first...
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Why do dogs hump people, other dogs, things, stuffed animals, legs, the air, etc? And the big question…How do I...
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Mouthing and Biting Hands

Training your puppy or dog to stop mouthing and biting your hands isn’t that difficult if you first understand why...
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Introduction to Canine Behavior

<--Introduction to Foundation Style Dog Training Canine Culture-->  Ethology is the first step. It is the foundation, that all...
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Introduction to Canine Culture

<--Introduction to Canine Behavior Breed-Specific Behavior--> Here are some basics you need to know about dog culture: The most important concept...
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Canine Body Language and Vocalization

<--Breed-Specific Behavior Introduction to Dog Health--> Here, we will introduce some references on canine communication, for you to start with....
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Breed-Specific Behavior

<--Canine Culture Canine Body Language and Vocalization--> As a dog owner, it is essential to understand your dog's breed-specific behavioral...
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Introduction to Behavioral Problems

<--Introduction to Dog Health Introduction to Aggression--> If you have read through this introduction from the beginning and have done...
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Introduction to Drive Balance

<--Introduction to Aggression Introduction to Attitude--> Drive balance is the 6th layer on our pyramid, because properly balancing the working...
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Introduction to Anxiety

<--Habitation Introduction to Obedience Training--> Fear, is a very rudimentary emotion, necessary for survival. However, prolonged fearful states can have...
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