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Clear Headed

This is vague term that is common mostly in working German Shepherd circles, but can be used when referring to...
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Sharpness is a temperament term used mainly in working German Shepherd circles but can be used to refer to the...
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Game, Gameness, or “Game-bred”

The term “game” in dog temperament refers to a dog that seemingly has a disregard for injury, exhaustion, and death...
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Hard and Soft Dogs

Generally, the terms “hard” and “soft” are used to describe how individual dogs respond to discipline. Β It should not be...
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Social aggression

This is often referred to as aggression that is related to a conflict in the dominant/submissive relationship between two dogs...
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Dominant vs Submissive

By definition dominant (dominance) and submissive (submission) refers to a role in a relationship. Β So technically it is possible for...
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Resource Guarder

“Resource guarder” is referred to as a temperament trait since puppies are born with varying degrees of this instinct to...
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Pack Drive

Pack drive is a term used to describe a dog’s desire to be with and function as a unit with...
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Bite Inhibition

Bite inhibition refers to a dog’s tendency to control the force of their bite when appropriate, such as during play,...
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Prey Drive

Prey drive encompasses all the behaviors which originate from the original instinct to hunt, kill, and dissect prey. More specifically...
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Flight Drive

Not technically aggressive behavior, this is the instinct to remove self from a threatening situation. This is the most insecure...
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Defense Drive

In its pure form is the instinct to intimidate and use the least contact necessary to drive away a threat...
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Fight Drive

This is reserved mostly toward competitors of “equal” or undetermined status. A dog in fight drive will perceive his target...
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