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Over-Vaccination of Pets. Why is it happening?

These are two great videos done by Dr. Karen Becker with an interview of Dr. John Robb that best summarize what has been going on in the veterinary community for decades.

Keep in mind that these are videos are not meant to argue that vaccinations are bad.  The videos are meant to inform the public about the endemic of OVER vaccinating animals for the sake of profit and withholding known information about the side effects of vaccinations.   Please do your own research to weigh the pros and cons of different vaccination schedules:

Watch both videos:

This is an intro, done be Dr. Karen Becker, to the source of the dilemma:

YouTube player

This video is a must watch to see what is happening in the trenches to a veterinarian, Dr. John Robb, who is standing up to for his beliefs:

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  1. Been trying to get titer done on mine. One vet said not necessary unless I send one overseas, he didn’t even know a lab that would do it, good vet (dogs like him) but basically refuse. The other said he will look into it.
    Still looking.

  2. Its such a shame that more vets won’t preform such a simple blood test. You think more would want to be an advocate for the actual health of the dog. Keep doing your research, their must be a vet somewhere by you who will do it. Keep us posted and good luck!

    1. I’m still looking. Most try to make you feel like you’re doing something wrong giving you the first degree, “where are you shipping, if you’re not shipping why do you want it, what’s the purpose? Is there some reason you are concerned?
      We will look into the procedure and get back to you….”
      Closest i found on the internet a 3.5 hr drive one way in another state.