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As far back as I can remember have almost always had a dog.
Have had or been around many types of dogs.

First dog I ever worked on training was an Australian shepherd I purchased while still in elementary school, and bought a rudimentary book on dog training. Had more success in watching the puppy for his natural proclivities and found easier to train him with mimic, or do as I do and patience. After I lost him didn’t do much training for several years.

Also at the time read veterinary books, and veterinary guides for small farms. Being raised on a farm learned animal husbandry, pulling calves, goats, caring for them through.

Started researching, and studying dog behavior along with training techniques/styles again about 15 years ago.

I have watched dogs become diminished in worth; where everyone I knew had a dog for a purpose: to being treated as mere “pets” with little to no potential for interaction except in the fringes of our lives.

Where dogs were once utilized in history they added much to our lives and, were indispensable to living. Before horses they were a staple component of many north American indigenous tribe, helping in hunt, draft, and scent work.

I would like to show dogs have potential to add to our lives, and in so doing add to theirs.

I like to watch animals’ nature. Their honesty is refreshing, especially dogs.

I hope to eventually help others to train their dogs more effectively and intelligently, taking into consideration where they have been and where they wish to go.

To train my own for carting/Sacco carting and utility work, based on capabilities I see in each do