Obedience Chart

PhaseStepsLeash MannersClimbSitDownHeelComePlaceLeave itOut
Phase 1Markinglesson
1Reward Intervallesson
1Reward Durationlesson
1Reward Ratiolesson
1Premack Principlelesson
Phase 2Escape Conditioninglesson
2Conditioned Punisherlesson
2Avoidance Conditioninglesson
Phase 3Escape Conditioning
3Avoidance Conditioning
Phase 4Generalization


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  1. Have found the lessons incredibly helpful in providing structure to training sessions (helps to keep me focussed on task)- any chance of some more – or is it possible to get/buy a complete set??

  2. We do have some blanks to fill in. Thank you for your support and patience. If you do need further help with an area that is not yet filled in let me know.