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  1. 2 Observations:
    (1) Most owners of small dogs nurture fear, bec they think its cute and they can easily strong arm the dog w/no risk to themselves. Which is a shame for the dogs, and their owners don’t begin to grasp how impoverished is their relationship with their dogs.
    (2) Whether dog is small or not, in addition to the great stuff in this blueprint, it’s important for the handler/owner of a fear/protection aggressive dog, IMHO, it’s important to make sure, if at all possible, that another dog (or a human, if the dog fears humans) doesn’t get inside the dog’s safety zone, especially but not only, during the remedial-training period. You, as handler/owner lose cred w/your dog if dog feels you don’t have both your 6 O’clock and your dog’s. At least that’s been my experience.