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What are hands off plans good for?

  • private lessons
  • group classes
  • online classes




Address with clients in the order of triangle, but keep in mind:

Stress Cynopraxis before level 1 (will be the new number 1 in version 5.0)

“Cynopraxic training proceeds on the assumption that dogs and people possess a shared capacity to establish relations based on fair exchange. Such training promotes cognitive, emotional, and behavioral changes conducive social competence, cooperation, and play. Cynopraxic training objectives are governed by two essential social and life experience criteria: (1) enhance the human-dog relationship and (2) improve the dog’s quality of life.” – Steven R. Lindsay

Thank you Kim James!


Do NOT go into depth about ABA besides assuring that training is scientific approach, that must address creating proper replacement behaviors that serve the same or better purpose for the dog, if punishment is included in the plan.

Break up habitation in this order (will separate them again in version 5.0) :

  1. drive
  2. housebreaking (area breaking)
  3. anxiety


Use Skype and google drive. Both are free.  Zoom is also a popular option.  You can can even use Facebook.

Use booking software (time is money). I use “BirchPress Scheduler Business Plus” for this website but there are tons of simpler phone app options if you search.  This way you just send a link and they book a time. Done.

MAKE affordable (time is money). they save money and you can still make money.

  • send questionnaire (time not spent asking as many questions)
  • have instructional videos (they will appreciate the value and stay longer, NOT finish quicker).
  • You can offer cheaper options and make the same or more money because NO travel time, NO travel expenses. You can book back to back.


Have an overview, so you can be reminded of the goals and important info.

Have a log to remind you of

Use your habitation chart for most “problems” happening inside the home.

Use your obedience checklist to show progress.

  • one for you as a base to create new plans
  • one for the client may be different and in layman’s terms


Get Template Here

  1. Make a “copy” of the template for yourself.  Edit it how you want.
  2. Before you use for a client make a “copy” and name it for the client.
  3. “Share” with you client.
  4. Organize in folders however you wish.


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