1. I have a client with a dominance aggressive dog. The veterinarian and an other behaviourist expert…told him that the dog has rage syndrome and there is nothing he can do until the dog is 3 years old and the syndrome goes away itself. The client has been bitten in kitchen and near the couch. I don’t think he is the right owner for the specific dog so I suggested him to micro manage the dog. Put a baby gate in the kitchen or confine the dog during lunchtime. Also If the dog is on the couch use the come command and reward the dog. Maybe he won’t solve the problem 100% but at least the whole family will be safe!

  2. So Dominance Aggression is an assertion of status vis a vis limited resources and/or pack leadership; i.e., it’s saying ‘I’m the top banana, the apex of the pyramid, etc, and if you challenge me, you are gonna get hurt and you will submit. If you don’t, I am ready, willing, and able to kill you, if need be.” While Resource Guarding can be an expression/trigger for Dominance Aggression, not all resource guarders are Dominant-Aggressive dogs.