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Konrad Most

Konrad Most began training dogs for police work in Germany, and was appointed principal of the State Breeding and Training...
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Marian Breland Bailey

Marian Breland Bailey played a major role in developing empirically validated and humane animal training methods and in promoting their...
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William Koehler

William Koehler had served as principal trainer at the War Dog Training Center, in California, and after the war became...
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The Monks of New Skete

The Monks of New Skete, who were breeders and trainers of German Shepherds in Cambridge, New York, published How to...
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Barbara Woodhouse

Barbara Woodhouse was a British dog trainer known for her television series “Training Dogs the Woodhouse Way” on BBC in...
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Will Judy

A Captain in the United States Army, lawyer, and teacher, Will Judy was a born dog enthusiast and lived an...
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Thomas C Abbott

Author of "Practical Dog Education" published in 1902 An incredible and timeless quote from the first page of his book...
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Ed. F. Haberlein

Author of "The Amateur Trainer.  Force System Without the Whip." You can read through his book by clicking the full...
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W.C. Percy (Kit Killbird)

A well known American Sportsman in the late 1800's wrote the book "Dog Paths to Success", which was quickly sold...
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Zak George

Zak George is a popular dog trainer on youtube with his channel "Dog Training rEvolution" and also is the author...
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