Effects of Reconcile (fluoxetine) Chewable Tablets Plus Behavior Management for Canine Separation Anxiety

B. S. Simpson, G. M. Landsberg, I. R. Reisner, J. J. Ciribassi, D. Horwitz, K. A. Houpt, T. L. Kroll, A. Luescher, K. S. Moffat, G. Douglass, C. Robertson-Plouch, M. F. Veenhuizen, A. Zimmermann, and T. P. Clark 2007


Canine separation anxiety is a common behavioral problem presented to veterinarians. Associated behaviors are distressing to both dog and owner, have the potential to disrupt the human-companion animal bond, and may lead to euthanasia. The results of this study demonstrate the clinical efficacy and safety of Reconcile (fluoxetine, 1 to 2 mg/kg/day [0.45 to 0.91 mg/lb/day]), in conjunction with behavior management, for the treatment of canine separation anxiety. The beef flavored chewable formulation was palatable to treated dogs and easy to administer. This study provides to veterinarians and owners valuable information about an effective separation anxiety treatment plan that combines use of Reconcile with behavior modification.

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