• SueMcGauley

    January 21, 2012 at 8:28 pm

    lol, so here’s how last night worked out…..spend much time introducing her to her bed….bed meet bella, blah blah blah. praise, cookies etc. Bedtime she was looking for her crate so I left it there with the dog bed right outside of it (next to my bed) and I left the crate door ajar. All is well, everyone goes to sleep. 3AM Wham! I am awoken by 60 lbs of dog on my head estatically licking and kicking. Now I figure I have to take her out because she is wide awake, so we go for a moment, all business, i’m not happy or fussing over her I quietly lure her to her bed (husband has slept thru all this) and the second i get into bed, there she is – right next to me….ok Bella….back in the crate and we’ll try again tomorrow. Today I put some comfy blankets on the floor, the heck with the dog bed and I’ve been treating her on the blankets throughout the day….I’ll try that tonight. At least I’ll have somewhere to sleep if she gets the bed first!! (just kidding)