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This section has been tweaked more times that I can count – but, that’s because the more I learn here – the more I realize that I’ve never known anything about dogs.   Like, ever.  Although I’ve had the desire to learn now to train (my own) dogs for almost 20 years, I’ve never been able to do anything (major) about it, until now … Sadly, I’ve watched far too many YouTube dog training videos, and read too many ineffective dog training books. *sigh*  End result:  I’ve basically gone nowhere, fast.

It was my dog, Zoey (who died 02/20/2021), who ignited an intense passion in me of helping dogs with their problem people; and our little Lacey Grace (adopted 04/27/2021) who has given me a serious drive to succeed.  So, I’m not starting over again – I’m simply … Starting.

Married to the love of my life – I have 2 amazing (grown) sons who live in Texas.  My youngest is High Functioning Autistic; and my oldest is an engineer for GM.  My amazing hubby, Michael, is also an engineer (as are my father & brother).  Michael and I have a gorgeous Birman cat (Frankie) and beautiful brindle butt “Heinz 57 mix” puppy (Lacey).  I also have a 25 yr old BS in Biological Science (Botany/Zoology) that lends absolutely no knowledge toward anything “dog.”

I study every single day and am trying to apply my new-found knowledge & training skills with Lace …  which are still a bit sloppy, but I’m learning.  I just have to keep reminding myself that it’s a journey – not a destination.