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This section has been tweaked more times that I can count – but, that’s because the more I learn here – the more I realize that I never knew anything about dogs.   Ever.

Although I’ve had the desire to learn how to properly train my own dogs for almost 20 years, I didn’t know where to start.  But, it was my dog, Zoey (who died in February 2021), that ignited a passion in me to start training dogs & helping them cope with their problem people (uhm … like, me); and our little brindle-butt beauty, Lacey Grace has given me the desire to succeed.

Upon starting my initial journey, I turned to the only place I knew to start getting instruction on dog training:  the internet & the YouTube videos of some notable TV dog trainers.   I read over 25 books on dog training (many of which were written by those notable TV dog trainers) and began putting into practice all of the positive-only training techniques I learned from them.  I stumbled upon K9-1 before I signed up for a school in England, but unwisely chose them over K9-1.  I spent several months (and a few hundred dollars) in that school, when I realized that I was going nowhere fast, and that some of the training techniques I was  learning were both ineffective & very harmful to dogs.  That was unacceptable; so I’ve had to fall back, regroup, and practice patience & damage control with my girl to turn things around.

Huge lesson learned.

Since moving to California in April 2022, I’ve spent most of my time unpacking & getting settled in our new home.  I feel a bit behind, and that I have a really long way to go to catch up with my education and our training.

Lacey and I are a work in progress …. but thanks to K9-1, we’re getting there.