• Judy B.

    July 28, 2017 at 3:34 am

    The heat can be so tough on many dogs since they do not cool down the same way we do. I wanted to share with anyone who reads this to not only to be careful training in the heat but to also be careful how you cool a dog down as well. If an over heated dog is cooled down too quickly, usually by submerging in cold water,  (like in a pool or a tub) the dog can go into shock. I have seen this happen working at an animal hospital. Dog went out on a boat with the family and got over heated. They tried to cool off the dog off as quickly as possible so they tossed the dog in the cold pool. The drastic and quick drop in the dogs temperature caused the dog to go into shock which unfortunately caused seizures that the dog was unable to recover from.

    Cool wet cloths, pleanty of cool drinking water (not ice water if the dog is overheated) rubbing alcohol rubbed on the paw pads (will cool as it dries),  but never submerge a dog into anything cold. An overheated dog needs to cool down slowly.