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Country United States of America (the)
Certifications CPDT-KA
Duke University certification
Business/Organization Information Everything K9
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I’ve been very interested in K9-1 for a while now and I’m very happy to be involved. K9-1 is in my area and is one of the only dog training facilities that trains the way I was taught. I did a 28 month mentorship where I Trained EDC and service dogs for various facilities including FEMA, ATF, NYPD, and many others. I successfully raised and trained two EDCs that went on to FEMA and UPENN. I would like to open my own business for boarding and training. I recently got very interested in training hearding dogs and have been studying that intensively. I’m going to need a start up loan for the property for my business and I’m hoping I’m not wasting money on more education. As I’m assuming the more education the better chance at a start up. I have several clients currently that are all obedience training. I also do grooming for all my clients. I’ve been in search of a CPDT-KA as I’ve finished all my hours etc but am lacking some things and I’m trying to connect with another CPDT that could help me through the final part of the process. Although I’ve been training for years and have had very good feed back I’m still lacking some certifications etc. Thank you for taking the time to read this any suggestions or feedback on opening a business would be greatly appreciated.