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  • Dave Page

    July 2, 2017 at 11:03 pm

    Staying still, or ignoring them, does work in most situations.

    AS far as a persons reaction; depends on the situation I believe. The one above was a coward lurking in the bushes waiting until I was distracted. Never barked or growled to let me know he was there. When I went back to tell the ‘owners’ what happened a week later, and had my eye on him, he made one vague attempt. They told me they had to watch him themselves and “just don’t ever turn your back on him because he is sneaky.”  :0

    There are many instances where people are blindsided.

    One of the funny occurrences I’ve had with local dogs years past: Neighbors had a bull dog they let run loose.  He terrorized everybody who walked, bicycled, or rode horses by there. On one evening walk I went by their house.

    I through him for a loop. He came tearing out like he was going to eat me alive. I kept walking and ignored him, literally pretended he wasn’t there. He never got quite close enough to grab me but I could hear his teeth click couple times behind me. After about a full minute he went to the edge of his yard closest to the road, sat down, and just looked at me bug eyed. After that, if I walked by he would just sit and watch me. The look on his face still makes me laugh.