Dog Training World Forums Obedience Training Phase 4 Obedience Stormy got to Demo for Christina and her new poodle Theo! Reply To: Stormy got to Demo for Christina and her new poodle Theo!

  • Allie Dellosa

    September 16, 2023 at 1:25 pm

    The group name is already in play as both of us have multiple dogs that respond to a group name. For example, when I say “ladies heel”, it means both of my dogs are expected to heel, same thing for Christina and her dogs. Using the name individually is how we teach it initially. Practicing individually keeps the dogs sharp and allows for troubleshooting. Storm and Theo have no history. This was their first time working together. Storm is aggressive and hates anyone she doesn’t know (dog or a human). I usually do not use her as a demo dog (especially in our backyard) because when I work her I have to pay attention to her; so having her around new clients that need instruction is not ethical. I do work her with some of my more experienced clients and we go out and work our dogs together for fun (in neutral settings). I thought it would be worth a shot with Theo because Storm knows Christina and loves her, and her other dog Lucy. So I assumed that Storm would be fine (even in the backyard) and she was!!!

    We started this session by going out front and walking the dogs yard just in case Storm was not going to be amicable.