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  • Marina Darling Zeitler

    January 28, 2023 at 6:07 am

    Code of Conduct

    Foundation-style trainers strive to increase the well-being of both handlers and K-9s in an ethical manner, through mutual exchange and implementation of Least Invasive Minimally Aversive (LIMA) strategies to foster better communication, competence, and collaboration between them.


    Honesty, truthfulness, and openness are paramount in business and character. No information should be withheld, such as bite history. Trainers should be appropriately qualified and fees should be consistent; nothing should be promised if it cannot be delivered.


    I will pursue excellence in the dog training profession by continued education in a wide variety of dog training techniques, theories, and methods, and self-critique to improve my communication and effectiveness with clients.


    Trainers should be appropriately qualified and fees should be consistent; nothing should be promised if it cannot be delivered.

    Trainers must possess the necessary qualifications, charge a consistent price, and only make promises they can keep.


    I promise to uphold the integrity and professionalism representative of a certified trainer.

    I Promise to Keep Records of all training plans, lessons, and notes to refer back to at any time and keep clients on track.

    I Promise to have have sufficient insurance for any case that requires it ready;.


    I will keep client personal information and other client-identifying factors confidential and not identify clients to others without written consent.


    I am obligated to render “loyal and faithful” service to the client, to act with “good faith,” and not to compete with but rather to advance the client’s interests. I will not act in a way that benefits me when doing so would create a conflict of interest with the client.


    I will maintain professional business practices, such as accurate contracts, pricing, and delivery of services, and disclose the cost for services clearly, accurately and fairly.


    In providing ethical treatment of clients and their dogs, it is important to recognize the diversity of personalities and temperaments that come with each breed. Training should be customized to the individual, taking into consideration their speed of learning. It is also important to maintain honesty with clients about the achievability of their goals, transparency about training methods or incidents, confidentiality of information, and accountability in all aspects of care and advice. It is also the process of honoring someone by exhibiting care, concern, or consideration for their needs or feelings.


    I acknowledge the limits of my knowledge, skills, and abilities, and should I not be proficient in skills or knowledge to assist the client, I will seek outside support or refer them to a qualified professional.

    I will use only the tools, equipment, methods, and techniques that I am proficient enough to incorporate into the training practice in a humane way, ensuring that the preferred tools, equipment, method, or technique does not take precedence over their effectiveness should it be evident that the method or tool is not compatible or productive with the dog’s response, lack of response, or creating undue stress that is counterproductive to a learning environment.

    Obedience to the law

    I will treat all dogs and other animals in accordance with all federal laws as they pertain to animal welfare and the humane treatment of animals.