• Mack Cook

    January 2, 2022 at 11:05 am

    as the dog is learning,5-26 weeks, eyesight,odor,body language,phermones–note phermones not exactly same as odor. power of bacon vs fuzzy love . there are different and can determine which is highest value.

    eyesight: clever hans studies show physical cues were possibly eye and pupil dilation. so smallest infraction or adjustment can have longterm effects as well as overwash.

    My status on dogs many times is they see the same items over and over and accept them as gibberish, so finally ignore all, (after all.. i wag my tail and you people suck up fast), they ignore ALL your cues till stimulated- or also see every tiny one-but in dogs mind they reason..(dogs reason).. but because you (human) don’t communicate well, i will ignore–your flooding my brain with all this body/odor/phermone/ language to sit,sit,SIT..SIT!.. until you add something interesting to make it worth my while.. fyi, go ask your wife/spouse a question 6 times in a row and tell me what happens.. and do it every day..have fun with that..as you get older its more fun!

    now think phermones and odor and body language and vocal…now….. magnetic wave form.. a company called hecs has been producing camo/concealment materials for wildlife viewing and hunting. works on wet suits with large predatory fish, bears,deer, etc.. it simply diffuses those signals partially. I bought it and will uses it, many times because of the cold i have to mask up also full attire which shuts off some extra signaling,, then we can communicate on what we do know,, a neighbor and customer from my regular work(automotive) is Wendy Azqui, world champion herder and watching her dogs work at 1000-2000 yards away is impressive all off of whistle and tone.in high wind ..her dogs listen and reason,