• Dave Page

    April 19, 2021 at 11:38 am

    There is an idea In back if my mind would like some input on. “Pack” strength.

    I have 4 dogs that can do driving.

    Only run 2 at a time because of the set up. The saving grace when groups of 3-4 dogs came out seemed to be unnaturalness of 2 dogs shoulder to shoulder moving forward confidently in purposeful unison. Noticed it made dogs hesitant to approach frontally waiting until we passed where I could deal with them. As the dog numbers increased had less effect

    Now the dogos didn’t seem to care.

    Not something I would ever depend on just contemplative thoughts. Every little thing could help.

    When dealing with territorial aggression would strength of “pack” coming through what dogs consider their territory possibly deter them especially considering a human is with the dogs.

    Think i found someone with the equipment feels confident they can extend my bars, and other tweeks to allow me to run all 4 at once.

    Don’t know if it would matter to dogos or the packs of 7 and more or not.