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  • Judy B.

    April 14, 2021 at 10:22 pm

    Code of Conduct

    Here are some initial bullet points that come to mind

    1. Will not engage in any form of harassment or tolerate disrespectful communication, trolling etc.

    2. Have integrity, be honest and upfront with all clients / provide transparency

    3. Conduct all plans in the best interest of the dog / owner

    4. Always safety first

    5. Report all concerns in good faith to moderator / admin

    6. Privacy for all clients

    7. Abide by local area dog laws

    8. Be reliable / communicate with clients

    9. Use training tools only as outlined/approved by FSDT

    10. Report all concerns for breech in conduct in good faith to moderator for report to admin / or admin

    11. Always strive for continued improvement

    12. If you need help, ask, turn to the site