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  • Errich Schmidt Schmidt

    April 14, 2021 at 8:42 pm

    Sorry for taking so long it is rushed but here it is

    Foundation Style Dog Trainers (FSDT) shall follow the code of conduct by:

    Being honest, truthful, and forthcoming in business and in character. Will not hide any information like bite history. Trainers will not take on any business they are not qualified as well as maintain consistent pricing, and not promise anything that you can’t deliver.

    Honoring any promises we make to our clients. We must be reliable to our clients and K9 alike. We want our clients to know what service they are receiving from us it will be honest and true above the standards of the industry.

    Being open and showing the training methods, being willing to show all aspects or the business as long it doesn’t interfere with clients confidentiality.

    Be accountable for any misconduct and accept consequences of your actions.

    Never share any information about any clients without their written permission. It is ok to talk to the FSDT community as long as we do not divulge any personal information about our clients.

    Being loyal to the client and their interests. Helping the client to meet their goals as long it is legal and ethical.

    Must remain objective, to further the knowledge of yourself and the community. If you are biased then your are closed to new ideas and methods, which will hinder the betterment of our profession.

    Being respectful in all interactions with our clients, their dogs, and the community.

    Never step out of the bounds of your knowledge. Continue your education and better yourself and your peers. We have come so far in the way dogs are trained, we need to keep getting better.

    Must obey all laws and regulations. Remember just because its legal doesn’t make it ethical or responsable.

    Reading the IACP and APDT

    It appears to me the IACP is more focused on legality and saving the image of the organisation. If their code of conduct would be a little more focused on dogs I would be happy to use their model. It’s short and to the point not leaving much to not being understood.

    TE APDT Is in depth and detailed. Their code is explained more and doesn’t leave much to be disputed.

    Kim James