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  • Dave Page

    April 12, 2021 at 7:30 pm


    The professionals relationship to the owner should be secondary to improving the relationship between the owner and dog. In some cases a dogs life chould depend on it.

    As long as the trainer deals ethically; applying all their knowledge and skills; to assist the owner/dog in reach training/behavioral goals their relationship with the trainer will improve as well if only from the sense of accomplishment

    I find the business/appearance centric nature distasteful.

    Would much rather see code of ethics more results oriented.

    Their code of ethics seem to be derived from a past generation when many dogs were merely considered ornaments or tools to be traded and sold.

    From overall theme in social media there seems to be more movement towards seeing dogs as valued members of the family, I think a code of ethics speaking to said trend would tend to draw a bit more attention from them.

    Personally Tried everything I could get my hands on then found Foundation style and joined to have a better relationship and improve my dog’s quality of living