• Courtney Bray

    October 1, 2019 at 10:21 am

    Question for all rgd feeding raw or in general the tendency GS related bloody diarrhea. Trying to get this 2 yr plus gal on at least half raw half kibble. First intro of raw was a turkey back which led to bloody diarrhea. Tests were done for bugs/giardia, results negative.

    Texted briefly with Mike, he said rgd switching over to raw, if her previous food was including chicken, start with a small piece of chicken.

    After the first bout of bloody diarrhea I went with a small amount of ground beef scraps from the local butcher (avoided bone), added to the chic/rice/pumpkin.

    We had a week of solid poop post antibiotics and probiotics.

    Then doggy daycare for 3 days (out of town), again bloody explosion. So maybe stress related.

    Either way I’m wondering how any of you GS peeps deal with or have encountered the tendency for diarrhea/blood.

    We are considering probiotics on a permanent basis, I’ve added pumpkin, currently into the second round of antibiotics, so she’s on rice, boiled chicken and a bit of the previously slightly new kibble.

    Before my partner buys into the Hills sensitive stomach, I’m trying to gather info.

    Bottom line, this is really a pain. Antibiotics every few weeks is not my first choice. Neither is Hills. But any extra suggestions or experience super welcome!!!