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  • Dave Page

    January 16, 2018 at 11:27 pm

    Thanks for the feed back. Made me do some contemplation, and as a result have done some backtracking.

    Although I said I never let him play with the item, had forgot about having him carry a tug or toy inside when we were finished playing which I think was a mistake. Seems maybe it made him confuse work and play.

    Much of it was my fault. I would use an item in the beginning by moving it around to get him interested then have him bring it to me. Glad I didn’t implement correction. Seems he had been associating the items with play, and also perhaps a curiosity as to why I am interested in the item.

    I have backtracked trying to make sure work and play are separate, making sure he only gets praise when he brings and carries an item until he is told to drop it.

    I had him carry some items, plastic cased tape measure, plastic box, scraper, as I made trips out to put tools back in my truck yesterday, to help him feel useful, and he did pretty good. Lot’s and lots of praise as he was carrying it, and as he released it. Except for my tape I handed all the items to him, Wasn’t sure he could carry the tape so wanted him to pick it up in a way comfortable to him and if he had seemed uncomfortable with it was going to have him drop it quickly. It took him a minute to figure out a comfortable way to hold it, but once he had it acted very pleased with himself.