Dog Parasites

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Coccidia in Dogs

Here is a presentation about Coccidia control in a kennel or shelter situation produced by Maddie's fund: Coccidia are tiny...
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Fleas on Dogs

Everything you need to know about fleas and dogs in a three-part funny and informative video series: Here is a...
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Giardia in Dogs

Giardia is an extremely common intestinal parasite of the dog.  This article will present a video and transcript from Dr....
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Heartworm in Dogs

This is an informative and funny video about heartworm in dogs: Prevention of heartworm: This video is more technical to...
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Mange in Dogs

By Dr. Becker Canine mange is a skin condition caused by several different species of parasitic mites. The mites embed...
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Roundworms in Dogs

Everything you need to know about roundworms in dogs. Presented in a funny and informative video.
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Tapeworm in Dogs (flea tapeworm)

This is a funny and informative video about tapeworms in dogs.  This is the species (Dipylidium caninum) that is transmitted...
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All about Ticks

Funny and informative video about ticks and dogs here:   Not as entertaining, but more detail in this video: Very...
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Can you get worms from your dog?

These two videos answer some common questions about getting worms from your dog.  It covers roundworm, hookworm, and tapeworm: A...
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