• DominicLaRosa

    September 4, 2011 at 9:43 pm

    Hey we’ve actually found a better more gentle way than the onion chop at K9-1 as of recently in Mike’s experiences we can actually ( while using the leash correctly in concordance with the leash manners taught here) simply just clasp or close our palm causing the leash to pulsate, this also works well with the leash in the locked position. No need for harsh jerking ever, picture this correction as a form notification for the dog that hes/shes in the wrong position or doing the wrong thing rather than an attempt at intimidation with a large one time giant jerk with significant force. We want the dog to adapt intelligently not adapt because hes in fear of what hes been taught through operant conditioning.
    I know for people its much more practical to talk on the phone rather than scream in ones ear to get their attention.