• Michael D'Abruzzo

    September 8, 2009 at 5:38 pm

    I havent personally used them much, but I like it when the back legs can touch the ground once they have a hold (after jumping) so they have the benifit of working out their thighs as they pull.

    The frustration and obsession toward the spring pole is a good thing, just like it is when a police dog is obsessed with getting the toy reward during narcotic searches, etc. If the dog can never get quite enough it gives him something to obsess over besides cats, dogs, cars, etc. I used to have a pit bull that would obsess over hanging off this one flexible branch in the park where i walked her – i swear she would hang there all day if i let her, she would totally ignore all other dogs and have tunnel vision through the park until we reached that branch.

    The spring pole is an awesome thing to use when training the recalls from a heavy distraction. Good to use in the phase 3 come training exercises. For anyone doing protection training – if the dog does a lighning fast recall off the spring pole, it has an incredible head start on doing the recall of the agitator (or any heavy distraction for that matter). The trick is of course to let the dog go right back most of the time. remember the dog training trinity. I think i have to write up the details of that in the members area still?

    Gary’s videos with Tito on the spring pole are a great example. Check these out:

    You cant hear gary because of the music, but he is using the foundation style of obedience to teach the recall and using the dog training trinity.


    This is the same exercise basically but on the agitator. since the recalls are predicatable and include warning and praise, tito can be comfortable on the bite until he is commanded to release. Tito is the most awesome friendly dog with both people and dogs – lives with another unneutered male pitbull. Besides having strict pack structure placed in his life from an early age, the early obsession with the spring pole helped him from developing unwanted obsessions.