• abndogos

    September 8, 2009 at 12:26 am

    i don;t know if there is a “correct way,” except maybe for younger dogs taht haven’t finished growing, as not to damage their growing bones….where I would not have the young dog jumping up to get at the toy. I would have it attached to a bungee so they can tug on it and get a good workout on it, without the extra pounding on the joints from jumping up to get it. I just throw it over a secure branch of a tree and let them have at it. This is Toro at 1.5 years and Chance at 9.5 years on a bungee with a jute bite sleeve attached having at it at the same time(on the video)


    These pics are when I first used to hold on to the other end and tease them with it by making it go up and down(this is Chance and my other dogo I had, Paulo). I would never think about having it this high off the ground with a young dog.