• Michael D’Abruzzo

    March 15, 2010 at 5:14 am

    Hi Thomas,

    Good info! If your girl is charging the door in the house when you are present and awake – and also shying away from people you are passing on walks – I would say that it is strong evidence that the dog is confused about who should be doing the worrying and calling the shots.

    Troubleshoot by making sure your pack structure exercises are ROCK SOLID – especially the rule about who is doing the initiating in the relationship (particularly affection). So it is clear to her and there are no mixed signals that you want the job.

    Then, work on a simple place or even a “climb” to direct her to whenever somone is at the door and keep her there until she is calm. Do these drills first without an actual person at the door and then do the knocking or ringing yourself to get her ready. On the walks teach her a formal “heel” and be sure to have her walk BEHIND you. A no pull harness might be a good tool to start with.

    Give her special treats and praise when you pass these situations and remain nice and calm.

    If any step is difficult remain patient and practice in easier situations and work your way up.

    Guiding her is key here.

    Hope this helps.