• Michael D’Abruzzo

    July 24, 2010 at 8:39 am

    Here is more… The agitator moving from threat to prey. This is earlier than other video and shows where dog learned to lunge at the man with no pads. You see the dogo is mainly in fight, but gets much more comfortable in prey when the agitator flees. I would imagine that they would usually reward him with a prey bite at the end of these drills – at least that is what his change in body language seems to show. These are all little snippets of their project. the dogo in earlier stages was most likely more defense in this drill and once he saw that he can turn the agitator to prey he shows more fight when restrained.

    Yes, so never any intention of training for calm schutzhund bites from the beginning. Looking at this and the first video and his fighting body language, when this dog is a little older with a little muzzle work and hidden sleeve/suit for proofing- this dog will be a lethal weapon in the wrong situation/hands. These guys do know what they are doing if trying to make civil dogs, but if the dog gets into trouble, in this case it is the training and not the nature of the dog that is to blame. For the sake of the dogos, pray these guys will be responsible in how they manage him and maintain his control and socialization, situational awareness etc…

    I would think most proper dogos have less natural suspicion and less instinct to go into ‘fight’ against humans than these other breeds so this type of work is done to bring out the fight as a true learned response toward humans acting suspiciously and as a learned option in situations where they would normally just have stuck to a defensive reaction such as a growl.

    Anyway, I’m obssessing about analysing these. Gotta get to bed soon!

    obedience is not “foundation style”.:D