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Country United States of America (the)
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Individual reading and online courses.
Business/Organization Information Volunteer with Peninsula Humane Society in Burlingame, CA for about 3 years.
Starting in 2019, teaching county jail inmates basic obedience for dogs that live with them for at least two months before adoption.
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Tell us about yourself: I work in a biotech company and decided a few years ago that I wanted to get really good at handling dogs.
Since our little dogs were semi-invalid seniors, I started volunteering at a shelter, as well as reading books (e.g. Culture Clash, The Other End of the Leash) and taking short online courses (Coursera Canine Cognition, IAABC Shelter Dog Behavior.
At the shelter, I help with a basic obedience class every week and occasionally help trainers with basic/shy dog public classes and help with a puppy socialization class. I also walk dogs for about 4 hours per week.
I'm really interested in the Dogs Playing for Life "movement" that allows more interaction within dogs at shelters, since it seems so sad to see these social animals in solitary confinement.
We had big dogs growing up in Canada, mostly retrievers, but also a couple of Akitas. Our understanding of training was primitive by today's standards.
My future plans are to make dog handling/training a big part of my life when I retire in about ten years, building on a foundation of skill and knowledge created between now and then.
Adopted a 12 lb terrier-maltese X in Oct 2019 and Foundation knowledge has helped a lot working through reactivity and isolation distress.
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