• Teresa Stanczak

    April 29, 2012 at 1:40 pm

    Definitely sounds like her experience with your friends husband made an impact on her and worsened a behavior that was already there. In order to start a plan I would recommend reading through the self help section so that you can troubleshoot the issue better.
    Start from the bottom at Knowledge and work your way up. Learning to read her body language, having the right attitude , golden rules, pack structure etc are all integral parts of any management and training plan.

    Also starting to work on obedience so that she learns reliable basics such as sit, down and come. I would also include a Place command and leave it.
    Videos to start these commands are found in the self help section as well. Start in Phase 1 and move through each Phase in a stepwise manner.

    I would also get her started wearing a muzzle, so that you can safely practice around guests and men.
    There is also a video of this in the self help section under aggression rehab.

    Once you get more reliable obedience you can work on more efficient counter conditioning. Giving a high value food reward for staying in a command and non reactive behavior.

    Keep us posted as you move along through the phase training and triangle.