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    July 12, 2010 at 3:32 am

    Hey Chris and Mike, thank you both for your timely responses to my question(s) about Jabbas feeding. I am starting to understand my relationship with my dogs
    better, including how to relate to my dogs better as their leader and they as my followers who each have a distinct personality and are motivated by different things.
    For example my 2 males are more motivated by tasks and tugs while my female is more motivated by treats and pettings.

    Like you say instead of fighting mother nature I am now going to harness that drive into something I want the dog to do. So now I know the name of the rotti that
    impressed me so much in the youtube videos, I cant wait to have jabba performing as well as Milo! haha

    Before I used to think that I had to win with my dogs 100 % of the time and now I know that its more important to build a better relationship with them, for example
    my newest dog, Beau, a Belgium Shepard Malinois, has low self esteem so I allow him to win at tug more often than not just to help get his confidence up… Beau also has
    fear agression towards dogs so im gonna read your agression section and posts before I ask you guys for help…

    And to read that Jabba may be pushy with the other dogs just to get my attention is an eyeopener, thank you.

    In regards to your affiliate program, I plan to make a bunch of websites for my 780 kennel business and will send traffic your way thru these sites.

    Thanks again, Im sure I ll post more as I continue to work with my dogs