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  • Chris Duonola

    June 23, 2010 at 6:16 pm

    Hey Adam,

    I will answer you based on my experience and knowledge to help you out until Mike is able to answer you.
    For starters, I want personally applaud you for adopting a dog from a shelter as we all know they need homes more than anyone.

    The best place for you start will be to read the pack structure section under self help, but also the relationship building section under aggressive rehab.
    Mike goes into detail in this section about building relationships, and most or it is geared towards shelter dogs.
    This will help you with the get started with your little buddy. Specifically the section on who has the right to food.
    important thing is to remember that you control the food and when he eats. So if you see him winning and going crazy for the food, wait until he is calm and go and get his food. Make him do something that he knows for the food, sit, down, etc. Then give it to him. The fact that he excited to eat is a good thing, you want them to eat what you put down right away, otherwise you will have to pick it up. Also, if they are very food motivated, this help with training. As far as I know there is no real way to make a dog not excited to eat. That’s like asking a kid not to get excited about candy or something. However, over time you will be able to control their attitude towards the other dogs with the pack structure, but for now consider it a management issue and just keep him away from the other dogs when there is food or treats out.
    In regards to protection.. This Mikes expertise, so he will help you. But a experiened trainer should be able to train him to ignore food during an attack.
    Just be careful with the protection with a shelter dog, especially if they have bite on their record already, not only for your safety, but the dogs to.
    A rotti with a couple of bites on their record will be surefire target to be put to sleep. Mike does extensive work with shelter dogs e, so he provide a point of view from that angle as well.

    Lastly, I am sure Mike will appreciate your comments about the site. It is a very helpful tool. always feel free to ask questions.

    I hope this helps for now!