• Teresa Stanczak

    August 17, 2012 at 3:32 am

    Hi Robert,

    If you are able to give a bit more information , we will be able to give you a good plan for correcting this behavior.

    Have you actually seen him do it? Is it a vertical surface like a wall or chair that he is marking or a rug? Does it seem to be a lot of urine or a small amount? Has he been doing this since he arrived 6 months ago? How often does it happen?

    When it comes to urinating in the house it can be for a few reasons.

    1) health: a urinary tract infection infection or other metabolic problem can cause dogs to have accidents. It is always good to have a clean bill of health before naming it a behavioral issue. These dogs tend to urinate frequently, or strain to urinate and may also drink a lot of water.

    2)anxiety: dogs who have separation anxiety for example will sometimes urinate inside the home when the owner is away but can reliably housebroken otherwise. How is he when you leave him?

    3)housebreaking: he may not be clear that inside is off limits or may be marking his territory. Was he housebroken when he arrived in your home? Do you use a crate? Is he on some type of schedule for being walked?